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Nanjing KOPA System Technology Co.,Ltd was selected as the 2021 Unicorn Cultivation Enterprise!

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         Recently, the Nanjing Municipal Development and Reform Commission released the list of enterprises to be selected as unicorns, unicorns, and gazelles in Nanjing 2021. In this evaluation, KOPA was selected as a unicorn enterprise in 2021, which has been selected for three consecutive years since 2018.


        Unicorn is a symbol of high-growth and high-value enterprises in the new economy while cultivating unicorn is a future star with more development potential and growth, pioneers of new tracks. As one of the unicorn enterprises selected to cultivate this time, KOPA will surely become an important business card of Nanjing in the field of new energy field.

        While constantly pursuing innovation and development, KOPA is also constantly improving its corporate competitiveness. Till now KOPA has successively passed ISO9001 quality system certification and IATF16949 quality management system certification, the integration of "two modernizations" Standard system certification etc.  Meanwhile, KOPA’s products R&D always keep up with the technological trend. The independently developed AUTOSAR architecture meets the functional safety ISO26262 specification, KOPA’s high-performance BMS and battery products are widely applied in electric vehicles, energy storage system etc. at home and abroad.


        The re-selection of 2021 Nanjing Cultivation Unicorn Enterprise is a high recognition of KOPA’s development scale and industry status at the current stage. KOPA will make persistent efforts to accelerate technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in future.

Committed to becoming the world's leading provider of smart energy system solutions driven by technological innovations. 



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